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Background Story

Five individuals, through a series of unexplainable events—are drawn together into a metaphysical mystery. Their lives, always grounded in science and reality, now struggle to explain occurrences their rational minds can’t comprehend, experiences that defy the
world of science and technology they’re accustomed to. As they seek answers, their lives overlap and intertwine. Filled with uncertainty, they embark on a journey that threatens all they know and all they’ve worked so hard to acquire and accomplish—but it’s a quest that promises a truth far greater than any of them could imagine.

Reminiscent of The Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecy, The Feather is a suspenseful and entertaining exploration of love, loss, and discovery through unknown worlds.

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About the Author


John A. Mark

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About John

I’m an old guy, I admit it, I have to, take one look at me and it’s obvious. In my seven (and thankfully still counting) decades on Mother Earth I’ve been fortunate to experience a multitude of things, most of them wonderful, some not so, and then there are a few others I’d rather forget about. In other words, I’m just like you no matter how old you might be.

In my younger days I swept warehouse floors, drove a beer truck, worked in sales, flown as a commercial pilot and owned my own business. The majority of my career though was spent in the
world of the legitimate theatre. For many years I worked as a professional Stage Manager, Business Manager and Managing Director of a LORT theatre (you can look that up if you’re unfamiliar with the term) that is a division of a major university. To this day I am still a proud card-carrying member of Actors’ Equity Association.

Oh, and on the side, I’m a Psychic Medium. At six I had a Near-Death Experience and from the age of eight I’ve been talking to dead people, Angels and Guides. I don’t do public readings anymore, but the experience has, and continues, to shape who I am.

The Curmudgeon’s Corner or the Blog link will explore different topics of history, people, places, and things that have shaped me personally and us as a society. It is not intended to be a definitive history of whatever I’m writing about but rather my take on events and how they shaped us or, how they might have changed history had one or two things gone slightly differently.

So yes, I’ve done and seen a lot or, as a friend once remarked, “You just can’t seem to keep a job.” I plead guilty.
This website is a reflection of my thoughts and opinions and how I look at this incredible experience we call Life.

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