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Welcome to a Soul's Journey

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Welcome to A Soul’s Journey! The site’s purpose is to take a look at the world as it was and perhaps ought, or ought not, to be again.

I’ll be writing about events, people and places of interest to me, and my personal opinions about them. This is not meant to be an authoritative history but rather my view of the subjects presented. You of course may see things differently.

Its been said that if you ask three different people who were eyewitnesses to the same event you would get four different versions of what actually happened. The way people perceive the same event can be a basis for discussion, one that hopefully, eventually arrives at the truth. So if you have a differing opinion about something I’ve written by all means take what I say with a grain – or a bowl – of salt. Your choice.

Needless to say I don’t expect many, if any, to agree with me and that’s fine. Use the “Contact” link and let me know what you think. I’m always open to different points of view. I have been known to change my mind. But not very often.

Lastly I want to put in a plug for my new book, The Feather. The contents of this site are intended to be a combination of fact and opinion. The Feather is a work of fiction. It’s a metaphysical mystery that just happens to espouse many of my personal beliefs. I hope you read it and, agree with its premise or not, perhaps it will help you open your mind to new possibilities.

I’d love to hear any suggestions on topics you’d like to read about. I’ll do my to accommodate you.

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