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A Soul's Journey

by John A. Mark, author

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The Feather

Published: August 2020

Five individuals, through a series of unexplainable events—are drawn together into a metaphysical mystery. Their lives, always grounded in science and reality, now struggle to explain occurrences their rational minds can’t comprehend, experiences that defy the
world of science and technology they’re accustomed to. As they seek answers, their lives overlap and intertwine. Filled with uncertainty, they embark on a journey that threatens all they know and all they’ve worked so hard to acquire and accomplish—but it’s a quest that promises a truth far greater than any of them could imagine.

Reminiscent of The Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecy, The Feather is a suspenseful and entertaining exploration of love, loss, and discovery through unknown worlds.

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My Views, Your Views, My Writings, Our History Re-Experienced

Welcome to A Soul’s Journey! The site’s purpose is to take a look at the world as
it was and perhaps ought, or ought not, to be again.

I’ll be writing about events, people and places of interest to me, and my personal
opinions about them. This is not meant to be an authoritative history but rather my view of the subjects presented. You of course may see things differently.

Its been said that if you ask three different people who were eyewitnesses to the
same event you would get four different versions of what actually happened. The way people perceive the same event can be a basis for discussion, one that hopefully, eventually arrives at the truth.

So if you have a differing opinion about something I’ve written by all means take what I say with a grain – or a bowl – of salt. Your choice.

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My purpose here is to take a look at the world as it was and perhaps ought, or ought not, to be again.

I want to put in a plug for my new book, The Feather. The contents of this site are intended to be a combination of fact and opinion. "The Feather" is a work of fiction. It’s a metaphysical mystery that just happens to espouse many of my personal beliefs. I hope you read it and, agree with its premise or not, perhaps it will help you open your mind to new possibilities.

A Souls' Journey
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"John Mark’s globe trotting tale marries science, spirituality and the yet-to-be-known with a decades spanning love story. A must read."

Paula J. Longhurst, author of the Mary Mac trilogy

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"The Feather is a great read. A page turning combination of mystery, romance and spiritual journey that leads to a deeply satisfying finish. I enjoyed it immensely”

Charles Morey, playwright, The Count of Monte Cristo, Dracula, Laughing Stock

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Curmudgeon's Corner

I'll be posting on the blog page, Curmudgeon's Corner, personal observations about our current world. Needless to say I don’t expect many, if any, to agree with me and that’s fine. Use the “Contact” link and let me know what you think. I’m always open to different points of view. I have been known to change my mind. But. not. very. often.

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That about covers it

Enjoy the Journey Back in Time

I'd love to hear any suggestions on topic you'd like to read about. I'll do my best to accommodate you.

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Thanks for submitting!

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